Stream Graphics

In this section: Stream Overlay • Animated Donation Graphic • Stream [FTW] Logos

Stream Overlay

Let everyone know you Stream For The Wishes with these official stream graphics! Select the overlay that works best for your stream's layout.

Animated Donation Graphic

Celebrate your community and recognize their support mid-stream!

Give a well-deserved shout out to your community members by sharing their username, donation amount and a small message on this animation.

PNG and EPS Images

Brand your content with Stream [FTW] logos!

Our official Stream [FTW] logos come in horizontal and vertical formats.

Logos can only be displayed in white, black and Make-A-Wish Blue.
Stream [FTW] Logo - Vertical Format
Stream [FTW] Logo - Horizontal Format

Do these layouts and graphics need adjustments to work for you? Please let us know!

We're always looking for opportunities to improve our streamer experience.