I wish to have a photo shoot in Paris with my dog

Margaux, 16

Snapshots of Margaux and Jimba

Margaux is 16 years old and lives near Caen in the French region of Normandy. Her genetic disease causes her to tire quickly, so she frequently uses a wheelchair. When it came time to choose her one-true-wish, Margaux knew she would soon be given a trained assistance dog named Jimba, who would help her gain independence in her everyday actions. Margaux decided her wish was the perfect opportunity to mark the occasion, welcome Jimba into the family and create great memories together at the start of their relationship. She wished for a photo shoot in Paris with Jimba.

Anticipating her wish day and the arrival of Jimba allowed Margaux to focus on something other than the limitations of her illness. It brought her and her mother hope and gave them something to look forward to as the day neared.

When her wish day finally arrived, Margaux, her mother and Jimba traveled to Paris for an unforgettable weekend. They toured many of the popular destinations, including the Avenue de Champs Elysées, Eiffel Tower, Place Vendôme and the Luxembourg Gardens. At each stop, they took beautiful souvenir photos and shared magical moments together, strengthening their bond. Margaux felt so at ease with the photographer, and her illness was far from her mind. After her wish day, when Margaux received her photo book, it took her right back to the happiness of that weekend, and the strength and hope it gave her to overcome her illness.

A wish-come-true delivers the strength to be resilient and unifies a community, transforming their lives through empowerment and hope. The fulfillment of Margaux’s wish brought her joy and presented a heartwarming opportunity for her to grow closer to Jimba, who will help her regain so much independence every day. Thank you very much to all who collaborated to make this beautiful wish come true!