I wish to sit in a real race car

Yucheng, 4lymphoma

Yucheng’s Wish on Wheels

At just four years old, Yucheng faced a challenging future following his lymphoma diagnosis. During days and nights of seemingly endless doctor visits, Yucheng focused on his passion for race cars, and wondered what it would be like to zip across the finish line for a team like Ferrari.

It helped him stay positive, and gave him something to keep his mind off his treatment.

When it came time to grant Yucheng’s one-true-wish, he knew he wanted to sit in a real race car. He grew close to his wish volunteers, Sally and Jenny, who worked with him for 11 months to capture his wish and carefully craft not only the day of his wish, but smaller wish experiences leading up to the big day. His gleeful anticipation over the course of his Wish Journey was heartwarming. Whereas once the days ahead meant grueling treatments and hospital stays, now they meant he was one step closer to his wish. Yucheng’s family saw this happy change, and felt the positive impact themselves. They, too, looked forward to his wish and welcomed the joy they saw it bring him, even before it had taken place.

Finally, Yucheng’s wish day had arrived. Yucheng, his family, friends and volunteers arrived at the Ferrari Racing Days event in Shanghai, and marveled at the many race cars on display. Yucheng was amazed at the different colors and types of vehicles. Then, in the lounge, Yucheng pressed his nose to the glass and watched the race cars zoom past the window and around the track. To Yucheng’s delight, the Ferrari staff presented him with his own racing suit, and he looked every bit the part of a real race car driver!

Then, Martin Berry, a driver for Ferrari Challenge Asia-Pacific, greeted Yucheng. He escorted everyone to the pits, where a stunning Make-A-Wish race car was waiting for them. Martin gave Yucheng a detailed introduction to the vehicle, and after much conversation, helped him into the driver’s seat. The sight of Yucheng behind the wheel brought happy tears to his mother’s eyes. Her son’s one-true-wish was a reality. Finally, it was time for Martin to take the Make-A-Wish car around the track. Yucheng was so happy, and cheered Martin on.

For children with critical illnesses, the fulfillment of their one-true-wish gives them strength and hope, and transforms their lives forever. At a time when so much of normal childhood is taken from a wish child and their family, a wish delivers the power to build positive experiences and life-long memories. Yucheng’s wish to sit in a race car fueled his drive to overcome his illness, and brought joy to his family and friends. Thank you very much to all who collaborated to make this wonderful wish come true!